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New Zealand investment immigrant categories

New Zealand investment immigrant will be divided into two classes:

1. General category investment immigrant (Investor 2 Category

2. High class of investment immigrant (Investor 1 Category

1.  Generl Category  investment (Investor 2)Requirement is:

1.1. Total investment at least 3 million NZD or 2.5 million NZD investment in growth capital. The funds should be proved as legal income. After New Zealand immigration approve, the funds need to be remittance to New Zealand.

1.2. The mian applicant must have business experience: 

1.3 The main applicant have to have at least Years self-employed work experience, meanwhile applicant have to have their own company;

Or applicant's coorperate was employed to supervise over five employees, or was employed manage an enterprise that volum of business over 1million NZD .

1.4. The main applicant's English level: at least achieved 3 points in General Category at IELTS , or achieved 31-34 points at TOEFL OR IBT.

1.5. The English Grade of vice applicant and the main applicant's child who is over 16:  be able to using English tuition fee to instead of their English score.

1.6. The requirement of age of main applicant  must be under the age of 65.

1.7 Physical and moral requirements: healthy, do not have a criminal record.

1.8 The requirment after Immigration approval: the funds of  investment have to maintain in New Zealand for 4 years. For the vice applicant, there is no  residence time requirements.

A submitting after 22nd May 2017, the application will allow:

If the applicant invests  more than 750, 000 NZD  in nz growth capital, can be obtained:

If the applicant invest 1.5 million NZD or more in nz growth capital, can be obtained:

The Defination of Growth Capital is :

The Growth Capital can not be a Bond investment and Charity (Philanthropic Investment). Other investment that recognized could be identified as Growth Investment.

For the applicants who adopt managed fund, the business group of New Zealand Immigration will consider combine with the specific investment portfolio to define specific proportion of growth investment.

For Instance, if the applicant allocate half of funds to Bond Investment and rest to the Stock Investment. The investment can be recognised as  50% in growth investment. 

The Defination of Recognised Philanthropic Investment:

The recognised Charities including:

Registerd Charity: 1. A charity have traceable record and meanwhile poesses qualification of recepient in taxation.

                               2.  Non-profit Organizations: Contribution on Social