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Parent Retirement

Parents retirement category is still a way to be reunited with parents in New Zealand.

The Characteristics are:

1.     The parents can apply for parental immigration immediately, after the child obtains the PR.

2.     No EOI selection process and submits the PR application documents directly.

3.     No English Requirements.

Basic Requirements:

1.     You need to have at least NZ$1 million to invest in New Zealand for four years to be considered for residence under the Parent Retirement Category. After the immigration principle approved, the funds must be transferred to New Zealand through a formal channel within one year;

2.     In addition to the funds that you intend to invest in New Zealand you must have NZ$0.5 million as settlement funds. If your application is approved in principle, you are not required to transfer your settlement funds. The property in your home country and New Zealand can be used as proof;

3.     An annual income of NZ$60,000 at the time of application, such as pensions, rents, stocks, dividends, etc.

4.     Parents have a good health and no criminal record

5.     The proof that New Zealand is your child primary place of established residence

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