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Permanent Residence Visa


Normally, you can apply for a Permanent Residence Visa after two years of receiving New Zealand Residence Visa. This Visa is valid for the duration of the passport and will be valid as long as the passport is updated in a timely.

A Permanent Residence Visa is available if one of the following conditions is met:

1.     Significant period of time spent in New Zealand. After receiving the Residence Visa, the main applicant for immigration will have to live in New Zealand for 184 days per year (Not related to the number of entry and exit), and all the additional applicants can live one day in New Zealand

2.     Tax residence status in New Zealand within two years after receiving the Residence Visa, if the principle applicant is recognized as a New Zealand tax residence by the Inland Revenue, it only needs to live for 41 days per year;

3.     Investment in New Zealand. After getting PR, investing in New Zealand for 1 million NZD for 2 years.

4.     Established of a business in New Zealand. After getting PR, the principle applicant can running business successful for two years;

5.     If the main applicant purchases a home in New Zealand within the first year of receiving the PR and each sub-applicant has accumulated 184 days in New Zealand each year, the main applicant only needs to live for 41 days per year. Alternatively, the main applicant is actually employed full-time in New Zealand for more than 9 months in two years. 

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