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New Zealand Student Visa


The New Zealand government has remained welcome attitude to international students, to go to New Zealand does not require a student visa applicants in advance have IELTS score, age and marital status are not clear about the applicant.Students can choose to attend primary school, secondary school, college, or graduate courses.To strengthen English language school in New Zealand, and then into the degree course.Students enrolled in any one in New Zealand immigration service certification Diploma or Certificate course can work 20 hours a week;After graduation, diploma can automatically open for 1 year Work Visa.Like to find a job within a year, can again to renew a 2 years of work visa, and can apply for a New Zealand Skilled Migrant。
In the application process, to go to New Zealand schools offer just started to study abroad, the smooth get New Zealand study abroad visa is very important.But many students because of poor preparation is rejected, so we to New Zealand to study abroad visa problems provide some relevant knowledge,

New Zealand student visa application basic requirements

Main requirements have the following five aspects:

Language requirements
No language requirements, may not provide any language scores, directly apply for languages and specialized courses, a specific length of the language, in accordance with the requirements of the school and the students' language level decision.

Health requirements
Only for international students at his own expense, a medical X-ray examination needs to be done.
The visa approved, all international students need to buy insurance.

Conduct requirement
Study abroad more than 2 years, submit an application, you need to provide no criminal proof and notarial deed.

Degree required
Determined by the school.Suggested reading advanced courses, such as college graduates, college Diploma to read.Students should have a reasonable plan of study

Capital requirements
Borrowing amount: New Zealand security demand about 150000 a year.General application for 1 to 2 years or so of course requirements provide at least 300000 of the warranty bond.3 years or above of course, provide at least 450000 or more security.
Usually economic security requirement is the applicant's parents or grandparents (outside), or other relatives and friends.
Capital requirements more than 6 months of account history.
If it did not meet the requirements of the historical details need to be able to explain the source of funds.
Study in the special account (FTS), with no deposit history, can well explain the source of funds cases, students may choose to study in the special account, submit an application before, will be approved by the security deposit in the bank, after signing by, for the payment of fees and living expenses, students convenient visa.
Note: even if the deposit has a history, or used to study the special account as security, visa officer also may not satisfied with the students' ability of funds, to add more material or investigation, cannot treat STH lightly.

New Zealand student visa application materials
1. The identity certificate of the applicant

2. The applicant's degree and work

3. The applicant's character certificates and medical report

4. The applicant capital proof

5. Certificate issued by New Zealand schools offer